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✿Amphawa by train

✿Amphawa by train


  Take the train to 

This trip i wanna show you to another interesting way

to go to Amphawa.May be one question from you "What is Amphawa?"

Ok!!! that is good question ^^

Amphawa is the weekend and night floating mrket not to far

frome Bangkok in my feeling is the place still a lot of local

and nature and the highlight one is "Firefly" 

Ok!! Now you all know "Amphawa"

and i want to you know more. Let's go!!!!

Usually we can go their by the van just only 1 hour but

i will go by the train is spend about haft day!!! HA HA HA

What? I'm not crazy.

Follow me!!!

Begin at Wongwian Yai BTS station just walk a bit to

Wongwian Yai Train station

Sure you go to train station for take the train.

Around station is some shop and restuarant look very old.

Just buy ticket Wongwian Yai-MaHa Chai staion is not to 

confused cuase MaHa Chai is terminal sation.

Ammmm the train their is look..... it ok!!! i think it ok. 

In the train you can see the people way of life also on the way

2 side of the trian is intersting with the house,the people,

 and you  be arrive the terminal station in 1 hour.

At MaHa Chai station.

MaHa Chai the name of city and the fresh seafood market.

Then you just walk for see around the market

and to the ferry. Cross the river!!!!

It is a relaxing way to see the local place,the local people

from the ferry tern left and walk a bit to train sataion.

This trian ahead to the train market where the train 

past on the market. Wow!!! sound is good. :0

Not to boring with the view out of window.

And after 1 hour you wil see Salt farm!!!! 

Not to far from slat farm the train will slow down that is 

mean we arived the train market.

The shop and the prople there is on the railway and they 

will move the stall when the train coming. It amazing!!!! -O-

That is also terminal "Maeklong Station" 

Maeklong is one city in Samutsongkram province the

province of Amphawa Yehaa!!!! we close up our

destination now. After enjoy the market i walk and

find the local bus to go to Amphawa.

OK!!!! I found it.

The local bus is near by Seven eveven next from railway.



Just 15 munite from the city past many  coconut farm

Then you'll in Amphawa floating market.

Amphawa floating market is a old socity more than 100

year. There're stil local and nature not look much business.

It be funny if you walk and test some local food

or dessert there're smell so good and also dilicious.

After feel full with the food the sky are getting dark

and when you look at the canal there are to many boat

Yes!!! Thai is famous activity here.

"Take the boat to see firefly"

Join boat is 40 THB/head and private boat is

600-700 THB/boat. The boat beginning by slowly. I just wach 2 side of the 

market in the view from the boat the house is was old

and look vintage decorate by the ligt and some house

is restuarant and many house is home stay.

How far from the market is hoe dark of the sky

and evrything around you will be getting dark

and quiet. Along the canel now is just some

tree to has little light like chirstmas tree. Wow!!!

That is firefly!!! the highlight of this floating market

I'm sure the little insects make you fogot the

real world for awhile.

It so impressive!!!!

Ok! from this trip is teach me "Sometime the

destiantion is not to much important just open your

mind for some eeperience on the way too"

cause that is profit of your life.

See you next tip. ^^ Bye

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